Specifications Doosan DX 225LCA

Enduring hard labor in order to ensure the running time of the equipment.

Heavy Duty Main Lift Boom and Extension Boom – Dual Moisture Filtration System.

The air filtration system makes the engine more adaptable for dusty areas.

Promote easy access to all compartments.

The internal mechanical actuator is easy to maintain due to its simple structure.

The filter housings are easily accessible from the ground level.

Better operational efficiency.

It provides 3 operating modes to choose the appropriate mode to provide the highest productivity.

the engine

Model Doosan DB58TIS.

2 valves per cylinder, vertical injectors, water-cooled, turbocharging with air-to-air intercooler. Emission levels are well below the values ​​required for Stage II.

Number of cylinders (6).

Nominal budget wheel cycle 115 KW (154) HP) @ 1,900rpm (SAE J1995, 

(kW (148 HP) @ 1,900rpm SAE J1349, net 110.

maximum torque 61.5 kgf.m 603 Nm) at 1,400 rpm).


batteries 2 100 / 12 x.

air filter

Dual element air filter with automatic dust evacuation.

hydraulic system

The electrical power optimization system (the heart of the system. EPOSTM) enables optimization of system efficiency under all operating conditions and reduces fuel consumption.

fuel tank

Fuel tank 400 liters 105.7 US gal Cooling system Radiator capacity 24 liters 6.3 US gal.

engine oil

(28.8 L) 7.6 US gal.

slewing drive

5 liters is 1.32 US gal

Final four-wheel

EACH = Transition Device = Transition Motor + Transition Reduction Gear 1.06 US gal x 4 liters 2 x 2.

hydraulic tank

195 liters 51.5 US gal